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BIOTECHNOLOGY, FOOD AND AGRICULTURE Environmental Studies 166BT/Geography 171BT/Anthropology 166BT/217, DA Cleveland, 2008 Winter, UCSB STUDY QUESTIONS FOR WEEK #7. Nutrition and health. 7.1.Will TGVs increase the amount and quality of our food and improve our health, or increase malnutrition and cause new allergies and other illnesses? Monday, Feb 18. Holliday. No class. Wednesday, Feb 20. Pharmaceutical TGVs to improve health. 7.2. According to According to Fox and Elbehri , what are the main arguments for and against pharmaceutical TGVs? For and against using food crops as pharmaceutical TGVs? What problems, theories, data and assumptions are these arguments based on? Elbehri: FOR: 1. viewed as alternatives platform to develop therapeutics and 2. a response to SHORTAGES of supply. 3. COST advantage, 4. Large production capacity offered by plants 5. Believed to be inherently safer than recombinant proteins in microorganisms or cells. 7.3. Analyze the risk and benefits of pharmaceutical TGVs in terms of transgene flow, as discussed during Weeks #3, 4 and 5. 7.4. What are 5 key terms and their definitions needed to understand the issue of pharmaceutical GEVs? Friday, Feb 22. The case of golden rice. Quiz #3 take-home due at BEGINNING of lecture! 7.5. Using the Critical Analysis Guidelines , analyze article, “Golden Rice - five years on the road - five years to go?”. 7.6. What is the process of genetically engineering GR1 and GR2 as described by
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