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HW - d*AGRA does not use political power rather a more...

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According to Grain, which statement is MOST FALSE about the consequences of the GR? [SQ 9.2] a. Local biodiversity was drastically reduced b. Massive rural exodus occurred c. A loss of traditional knowledge and skills d. Any profits were turned into debts e. *Crop yield did not increase dramatically Regarding the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), which statement is MOST FALSE? [SQ 9.3] a. Main goal is to increase crop productivity of staple crops b. Plant breeders are trained in Africa, not in US like 1 st GR c. It seeks to train 40 students for 5 years, , 8 students each year
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Unformatted text preview: d. *AGRA does not use political power, rather a more grassroots approach e. Plant breeder will also be taught how to lobby According to Witt et. al. and the Makhathini Flats (MF)which statement is MOST FALSE [9.4] a. farmers of the MF adopt bt cotton because agrarian choices are limited b. political economy of MF transforms to meet needs of cotton c. *It does not seek to increase its land holdings. d. The facilitation with market was a major factor in its success e. There has been no offer from the gov. for any alternatives...
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