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MICROCOMPUTING REVIEW PRELIM ONE Reading : Chapter 0, page 2-27, Chapter 5, page 177-191 Format : Do it yourself, similar to assignments, fill in blanks between 10 and 20 Concepts : Difference between template and document Styles and formatting You’ll have to make styles and formatting Make body style based on no style Macros what are they, what do they do and how do you insert them Breaks/Sections Page Breaks Next page section breaks Continuous section breaks Difference between page and section breaks is that section breaks are if you want to change the style Mail Merge Go to mail merge toolbar Choose browse and link to data table Insert mail merge fields Data Tables
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Unformatted text preview: What do you have to do to them? Don’t allow rows to break across pages Select only header row and write repeat as header row Autofit to contents Table autoformat What’s the difference between a macro and mail merge field? Macro is to make templates Mail merge is also macro but it’s already filled in Table of Contents TOC style Caption: insert, reference, caption Difference between line paragraph and page level formatting Paragraph: spacing before and after Lines: first line indents Pages: landscape or regular Headers and footers Different first page Page numbers Same as previous Link with next can be unlinked...
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