Archaic and Classical Greece

Archaic and Classical Greece - Archaic and Classical Greece...

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Archaic and Classical Greece -different geography: Greece and the islands around it, focus on the city states in Greece. The area is mostly mountainous. -there were two different dialectics of Greek. There was the Doric dialectic that was spoken mostly on the mainland and then there was the Ionian dialectic that was spoken on the islands surrounding Greece Archaic Period -Kouros figure: it means youth in Greek -6 ft in height, found around Athens, around temples, cemeteries, statues were found quite suddenly -always nude and pose is frontal and stoic. The figures always have long hair, movement shown with figure stepping forward. Knees are stylized. Anatomy not accurate. -not sure if it is a man or a god or a aristocratic Greek -very similar to Egyptian sculpture. The Egyptians used a grid to plan out a sculpture, it was called the canon of proportions, the Kouros used the same plan, there were 22 squares and knees were in the 7 square. -the Greek sculpture tries to free the figure by taking off the extra stone between the arms unlike the Egyptians -Kroisos of Anavysos: bigger compared to first Kouros. 6.4 ft. anatomy more accurate more natural and the face is more realistic -found in a cemetery and found with an inscription telling us who he is, he died in battle -there are traces of paint in the hair and eyes, the hair is still beaded but more naturally and he is wearing a cap, the back is more rounded and natural -Kore are female figures and the word means virgin -Kore from Acropolis: the female figures are smaller and are clothed which created more
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Archaic and Classical Greece - Archaic and Classical Greece...

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