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C T C S 4 6 6 F I N A L S T U D Y G U I D E ( F A L L 2 0 0 7 ) The final exam will consist of: 20 short answer questions, of which you will pick 15 to answer 40 multiple choice questions, of which you will pick 30 to answer As this class is somewhat less structured than many other courses, we are providing some suggested areas to focus on when reviewing your notes for each class. Note that these topics come from both Prof. Maltin’s opening talk and the Q&A after the screening. The list of suggested topics for study can be found on the back of this handout Please keep in mind that this is NOT a complete list of every topic that will be on the exam . There will be questions on the exam that are not accounted for under these headings. As such, you should still review everything in your notes when studying. READING: There will be 10 reading questions on the midterm, taken from both Jason Squire’s The Movie Business Book and Peter Bart’s Boffo . All of these will be multiple choice, and the proper answers should be easily recognizable to anyone who has done the reading. As such, we are not including suggested topics for the reading.
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