Draft #1 Death

Draft #1 Death - Tsurumoto 1 Matt Tsurumoto Thompson...

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Tsurumoto 1 Matt Tsurumoto Thompson English 1A 11am-1pm 7 September 2005 Death at the Door “Every man has his own destiny: the only imperative is to follow it, to accept it, no matter where it leads him”, Black Spring author Henry Miller once stated. When people are faced with a near death experience such as the Holocaust survivors, how they react to the situation heavily relies on character of the individual. Whether the outcome is death or renewed new life, a person’s future is ultimately shaped by fate. In Mark Slouka’s essay “Arrow and Wound” he discuses in depth, the difference two people see in a given “life and death” situation. He explains that people choose the option to think in their final moments before death, by reflecting on Seifert. “I envied Dostoevsky . .. that singular experience: to be sentenced to death, to know the moment when you must, of necessity, say goodbye to life, accept that unappeasable fact, and then taste again the certainty and sweetness of life, and save yourself’ (Slouka 259). In the final waking moments before his death was cancelled, Dostoevsky accepted he would be executed. He did not struggle, nor did he show signs of fear. It was fate that had brought him to Semenovsky Square, and it was fate that would keep him alive through the execution. But what happens when the situation faced by a comrade is turned upon you? Seifert soon explained his point of view when stepping into Dostoevsky’s bloodless shoes. “And suddenly Seifert and his comrades were being marched to the train station,
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Tsurumoto 2 where, they were informed, they would be executed. Just like that. In the station, their shoes sticky with blood, they stood by a heap of dead Czechs” (Slouka 260). He enters the same situation that Dostoevsky entered almost a flashback with Seifert as the replacement. “They were lined up against a wall, presently, and told they would be shot in the courtyard behind them as soon as it was empty of German families preparing to flee. And again they waited” (Slouka 260). As he waits, his mind starts to play with him as if he were a toy. “So what did Seifert do, those ostensibly last few minutes of his life?
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Draft #1 Death - Tsurumoto 1 Matt Tsurumoto Thompson...

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