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Bio Ec - Tsurumoto 1 Matt Tsurumoto Fautley Bio 10 T/Th...

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Tsurumoto 1 Matt Tsurumoto Fautley Bio 10 T/Th 9am-10:30am 11:15am-2:15pm Thur. Lab 12 April 2006 Environmental Forum Chuck Aver: Hydrogen Fuel Chuck Aver although retired, is an active partner in fuel cell research. His talk entitled “Hydrogen Fuel Cells” was interesting, yet lacked information. Much of Mr. Aver’s lecture included pictures and not factual evidence. From Mr. Aver’s speech I learned that hydrogen couldn’t be stored and transported in normal fashions due to it’s extremely small atomic size. I also learned that hydrogen was on top of the British Thermal Unit list at 54,000 BTU/Pound compared to gasoline’s 12,360. His lecture incorporated few
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