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MGT Exam 1 Notes Chapter 1 * Pace of technology continues to accelerate Driving Forces 1. Technology 2. Diversity of Workers 3. Public Consciousness (they know what’s going on) 4. Global Marketplace 5. Community of Stakeholders An organization is a social entity that is goal directed and deliberately structured Management is the attainment of organizational goals in an effective and efficient manner through planning, organizing, leading, and controlling The Process of Management Planning defines goals for future organizational performance decides tasks and use of resources needed Organizing Follows planning Reflects how organization tries to accomplish plan Involves assignment of o Tasks into departments o Authority and allocation of resources across the organization Leading : using influence to motivate others Controlling Monitoring employees’ activities, Determining whether the organization is on target toward its goal Making corrections as necessary Take Resources Organize & Plan Them Gets Performance That is Desired Resources *Human *Financial *Raw Materials *Technological *Information Performance *Attain goals *Products *Services *Efficiency *Effectiveness Controlling *Monitor activities and make corrections Organizing *Assign responsibility for task accomplishment Planning Select goals and ways to attain them Leading Uses influence to motivate employees
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Horizontal Managers General/Line - responsible for specific operations of an organization Staff - responsible for a specific function such as human resource management (line manager over people in their department, advises over other departments) Project Managers- responsible for a temporary work project Vertical Managers Top Managers o CEO o Corporate or Group Head, VP of Administration Middle Managers o Business Unit Head- GM, Administrator o Dept. Manager- Product Line or Service Manager, IS Manager First-Line Managers o o Non-managerial employees- line jobs, staff jobs Middle and First Line Managers may also have horizontal project manager responsibility Management Skills Conceptual - understanding the complexity of all the parts of the organization and how the parts work together to achieve goals (how what one department does effects other departments) Human - the ability to get things done working on teams and through people Technical - understanding and proficiency in performing specific tasks like programming Ex : The organization wants Joe to do this, what skills are necessary? Manager Roles (pg 20) Informational o Monitor - seek and receive information o Disseminator - forward information to others o Spokesperson - transmit information to outsiders, face of the company Interpersonal o Figurehead - performs ceremonial and symbolic duties o Leader - direct and motivate employees o Liaison - maintain information links between departments
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Exam 1 Notes - MGT Exam 1 Notes Chapter 1*Pace of...

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