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Exam 1 Essay Questions Chapter 1 1. Explain the gap between IT and the business, along with the primary reason this gap exists. The gap between IT and the business is a gap of communication because each group has their own jargon. Business people have their own vocabulary that they have developed from experience, while IT personnel have more technical knowledge and vocabulary. Also, the business side may not understand why a particular program may take a long time for the IT expert to create. On the other hand, the IT expert may not truly understand everything that the business person wants the system to do. Between different vocabularies and the lack of knowledge each party has of the others’ job, communication between the two groups is difficult. 2. Cheryl O’Connel is the owner of a small, high-end retailer of women’s clothing called Excelus. Excelus’s business has been successful for many years, largely because of Cheryl’s ability to anticipate the needs and wants of her loyal customer base and provide them with personalized service. Cheryl does not see any value in IT and does not want to invest any capital in something that will not directly after her bottom line. Develop a proposal describing the potential IT- enabled competitive opportunities or threats Cheryl might be missing by not embracing IT. Be sure to include a Porter’s Five Forces analysis and discuss which one of the three generic strategies Cheryl should pursue. Porter’s Five Forces are buyer power, supplier power, threat of substitute products, threat of new entrants, and rivalry among existing competitors. To decrease the customer’s buyer power, Cheryl could implement an IT-based customer loyalty program to keep track of each customer’s order with periodical rewards to keep the customer coming back. To increase her company’s supplier power, Cheryl could keep in constant touch with her supply chain. To eliminate the threat of substitute products, Cheryl needs to make sure that her company’s products are unique and cannot be found anywhere else, which she could do with an IT system. If her store’s products are unique, her customers will have a greater switching cost when switching to another store, which would lessen the likelihood that they would stop shopping at Cheryl’s store. The counteract the threat of new entrants, she needs to make sure that her company is on top of everything. If a new competitor offers any type of IT system that will attract customers, it will get all the business. To have an upper hand in the rivalry
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Exam 1 Essay Questions With Answers - Exam 1 Essay...

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