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Version A . Last 4 digits of Soc. Sec. # Final Exam Accounting and Financial Analysis Fall, 200l As indicated in the syllabus and throughout the class sessions, the main goal of this course is for students to learn on how to use accounting infornlation and financial analysis to make better decisions. The main goal of this exam is to evaluate students ' understanding of the kinds of questions which people answer with the knowledge and skills to have been gained in this course. Thus, it is important that students detennine what questions mean, and that answers demonstrate what has been learned in this class. In addition, basic questions like those asked on this exam should be answerable from one's own current working knowledge. Thus, as indicated in the syllabus and in class, this is a closed book exam. Also, the maximum score on each question is 300 points, out of a total of 600 on this exam. Your mother wants to invest a significant amount of money in the common stock of either Coca-Cola or PepsiCo, the world's leading providers of non-alcoholic liquid refreshments. Both report to shareholders -00 a calendar year.
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