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January 22 - Case style Criminal State of Texas v Bible...

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January 22, 2008 Case style - Criminal : State of Texas v. Bible, United State of America v. Bible - Civil : Jones v. Bible Double Jeopardy Clause - No one can be tried twice for the same crime - in the constitution, it states that nobody can be tried twice for the same crime. EX. OJ Simpson can’t be tried again for the murders he was charged with in 1995. If he confesses to doing the crime, nothing can be done about it. Joint and several liability - When you get more than one defendant being sued, if there is found liability, and a monetary judgment to be found, the plaintiffs together have to come up and pay the defendants. Burden of proof - having no assets- no worth while to sue. - Criminal: Beyond reasonable doubt Prosecutors have to think: who did the crime, enough evidence to convince jury defendant is guilty beyond reasonable doubt - Civil: Preponderance of evidence – only one side has to have a slight edge over the other. Judge- in case of tie- defendant win. If lying, but selling yourself well (know what your talking
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