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January 24, 2008 - Plaintiffs can preserve the right to collect their judgment; they can pick and choose who they get money from. - Impeding- defendant brings in another party in hopes of getting reimbursed from settlements. - Signing contracts deter people from suing, i.e release forms Considerations in hiring an attorney - Specialization - Background, expertise= well known; longer longer/better the more money they want - Geography- farther away you live from the lawyer, there is a very good chance that the laywer will not know the area of people well enough to defend you - Trial work or not- only 10% of lawyers can do trials - Fee structure:
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Unformatted text preview: Hourly Contingency Flat fee Other Retainer - Lawyer's Referral Service- give name of attorneys in a particular area of specialization- The existence of insurance prompts lawsuits because insurance companies wants to settle instead of having to pay thousands Actus rea and mens rea- Actus rea- the prohibited act- Mens rea- guilty state of mind-Intentional (objective/subjective test): subjective- ask defendant what intent was objective- take a look at all the circumstances to tell what intent was -Reckless: intents not to hurt someone, but outrageous behavior hurts someone -Negligence: carelessness to hurt someone...
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