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Cladogram Questions - ancestor splits into two taxa. 6....

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Josh Gavin Biol 112-538 Cladogram and Questions 34-35 1. The two most similar organisms share 4 traits. 2. The two least similar organisms share 2 traits. 3. Species 1 and Species 2 are the most similar. 4. 4 synapomorphies are present in the data set. 5. Sister taxa are related directly related to each other because they form when a common
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Unformatted text preview: ancestor splits into two taxa. 6. Anal glands, small size antennae are all ancestral traits. 7. Wings, dimples, eyespots and medium antennae are all derived traits. 8. I, II, and III compose a monophyletic clade. 9. The cladogram has no analogous traits. 10. Cladogram B is the parsimonious....
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