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Investigating Cardiopulmonary Parameters

Investigating Cardiopulmonary Parameters - Investigating...

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Investigating Cardiopulmonary Parameters in Males and Females By Josh Gavin Biology 112-573 4/10/08
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The effects of exercise and subsequent rest on the pulmonary and respiratory system were tested during Biology 112 lab. Pulse rate, respiratory rate, and mean arterial pressure were measured and calculated before and periodically after brief exercise, in an attempt to observe the physiological changes that occur during and immediately after exercise. In the recorded averages of the mean arterial pressure, the trend was that the male MAP was slightly higher than that of the females throughout. For the average pulse rate this trend continued. In the respiration rate data, the female respiration rate immediately after exercise was much higher than that of the males, but after that they became very close. The goal of was this experiment was to determine the affect of gender on the human body’s physiological response to physical exercise. An expected outcome would be for the males to be affected less by the two minutes of exercise then the females. No observed cardiopulmonary differences between the genders occur until puberty. After puberty girls demonstrate twenty to thirty percent lower aerobic capacity then boys. Possible factors that affect this could be a lower body weight and lean body mass for girls, and a lower hemoglobin level (Booher-Smith 2003). From this it is logical to assume that the recovery of males after exercise would be more
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Investigating Cardiopulmonary Parameters - Investigating...

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