Lab 2 outline

Lab 2 outline - LAB 2 Evidence of Evolution Objectives...

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Outgroup Oranges Apples 2 1 3 Outgroup Oranges Apples branch stem node Outgroup Oranges Apples Man Fish-Outgroup Reptiles Monkeys Apes Man 4 legs Fur present No tail present Walks bipedally Apes Monkeys Reptiles Fish Walks bipedally No tail present Fur present 4 legs LAB 2 Evidence of Evolution Objectives Differentiate between systematics, taxonomy, and phylogeny Identify hierarchical levels of taxonomic classification Distinguish among monophyletic, paraphyletic, and polyphyletic lineages Describe the four unifying theories in biology Describe the two foundation concepts of the theory of evolution Recognize and describe the seven areas that provide scientific evidence of evolution Demonstrate a basic understanding of cladistics by constructing a cladogram Review from last week Species Latin meaning ‘kind’ or ‘appearance’ A group whose members possess similar anatomical characteristics and have the ability to interbreed. Population – A localized group of individuals that belong to the same biological species (that are capable of interbreeding and producing fertile offspring) From Micro to Macro Last lab we discussed five reasons for microevolution: Small population size Mutation Gene flow Non-random mating Natural Selection Macroevolution Evolutionary change above the species level, including the appearance of major evolutionary developments, such as flight, that we use to define higher taxa. Four unifying theories…
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Lab 2 outline - LAB 2 Evidence of Evolution Objectives...

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