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Quiz 1 1. What are 3 of the 5 conditions for a population to be in H-W Equilibrium? (3 pts) Infinitely large population No migration No mutation Random Mating No natural selection 2. The frequency of “A” in a population is 0.8. [Assume Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium] A) What is the frequency of “a” in the population? a=0.2 B) Predict the genotypic frequencies (AA, Aa, aa?). AA=.64 Aa=.32 aa=.04 3. The bottleneck effect and founder effect are both examples of? Genetic Drift 4. Briefly explain the relationship between the presence of malaria and the sickle-cell
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Unformatted text preview: allele. HbA/HbA=normal allele, susceptible to malaria HbA/HbS=mild sickle cell, immune to malaria HbS/HbS=full blown sickle cell Heterozygous advantage, no advantage where sickle cell does not exist 5. If malaria deaths in equatorial Africa were increasing, what would happen to the frequency of HbS/HbS in the population? Explain. Malaria will kill off people with HbA/HbA allele, therefore HbS/HbS will increase....
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