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Josh Gavin Biology 112-573 4/16/08 Urinalysis Procedure The first test of the urine sample was a Chemstrip. The strip was immersed in the urine making sure that all the various patches were completely covered. This was then allowed to dry and results were read by comparing the colors to the standards on the color chart. Record results. Specific gravity was then tested by use of a hydrometer. Other important observations are color and smell. Results The high protein, absence of blood, blood urea nitrogen of less than thirty and a mean
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Unformatted text preview: blood pressure of less than 120 leads us to two possible diagnosis, possible injury, or a high protein diet. Both of the diagnoses are plausible due to the fact that the patient is training for a strength competition and needs to pass a drug test. Discussion Urinalysis is an incredibly useful tool for diagnosing a variety of diseases. Anything from renal failure to diabetes can be tested using urinalysis....
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