Lab Experiment 2 9-14-07 - 1 Experiment 2 Determination of...

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1 Experiment 2: Determination of the composition of a mixture CH 200 - 42
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Dr. Paliwal Performed 9-14-07 Submitted 9-18-07 Purpose: The purpose of experiment number two is to determine the composition of a mixture of sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate in order to learn how to better complete our own reports. Theory: Na2CO3+2NaHCO3 - HEAT ->2Na2CO3+H2O+CO2 Mass H2O and CO2 lost Mass Mix Initial-Mass Mix Final = Mass H2O + Mass CO2 Lost Eq.1 Mass H2O Lost (Mass H2O+CO2 Lost) x (molar Mass H2O/Molar Mass CO2) = Mass H2O Lost Eq.2 Moles H2O Mass H2O lost x (1 Mole/Molar Mass H2O) = Moles H2O Lost Eq.3 Mass Sodium Bicarbonate (i) (Moles H2O Present) x (2 Moles Sodium Bicarbonate/ 1 Mole H2O) x Molar Mass Sodium Bicarbonate= Mass Sodium Bicarbonate present initially. Eq.4 Mass Percentage NaHCO3 Initially (Mass NaHCO3/ Mass Initial) x 100 = Mass Percentage NaHCO3 Eq.5 The balanced reaction represents the reaction being conducted in the experiment. Eq.1 applies to this experiment because it determines the amount of CO2 lost to the environment, a vital step to calculating our objective. Eq.2 applies to this experiment by determining how much mass due to water that had been lost. This is vital so we can convert the units, with Eq.3, and convert into moles of water. Eq.4 is a very integral part of the calculations; it not only is the last step to determine the mass of the sodium bicarbonate but also converts the data from moles of water to moles of sodium bicarbonate. Equation five wraps up the entire lab by determining the mass percentage of sodium bicarbonate versus sodium carbonate initially. Procedure:
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/16/2008 for the course CHEMISTRY 201 taught by Professor Vipinpaliwal during the Fall '07 term at Milwaukee School of Engineering.

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Lab Experiment 2 9-14-07 - 1 Experiment 2 Determination of...

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