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math chap 2 vocab - change when moving from one fixed point...

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Chapter 2 Vocabulary 1. relation – any set of ordered pairs (x,y) 2. function – relation with a special property – any x-value will correspond to exactly 1 y-value 3. domain – set of all possible x-values 4. range – set of all possible y-values 5. independent variable – variable x because it can be assigned any value from the domain 6. dependent variable – variable y because its value depends on x 7. vertical line test – observation used to determine whether a graph defines y as a function of x; if any vertical line intersects a graph in more than one point, the graph does not define y as a function of x 8. zeros of a function – x-values for which f(x)=0 9. symmetry – the mirrored reflection of a function over the y-axis (even) or the origin (odd) 10. slope – change in y over the change in x. compares the vertical change to the horizontal
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Unformatted text preview: change when moving from one fixed point to another along the line 11. linear functions – y=ax+b; a does not = 0 12. vertical line – x=a 13. horizontal line – y=b 14. parallel lines – same slope and never intersect 15. perpendicular lines – intersect at 90 degree angles and have a negative reciprocal of the slope 16. reciprocal –1/b is called the multiplicative inverse or reciprocal of b. 17. average rate of change – slope of any function over a closed interval of x-values 18. inverse function – the domain of f is = to the range of f-1 and vice versa. This meants that if the function of f is the set of ordered pairs (x,y) then the inverse of f is the set of ordered pairs (y,x)...
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