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Jonathan Tamayo Student ID: 438466 Homework Assignment #1 (HA 355) i. Building Design and Layout The town of Humble, Texas, about 25 miles outside of Houston, has very unique geographic conditions. There are hot and humid conditions from late March all the way to early November. In the winter months, temperatures during the year normally never go below 25 degrees, but will also go up to about 100 degrees during the summer months. Snow occurs in Houston historically about once every 7-10 years. The land itself does not have any significant elevation changes. The average rainfall is about 50 inches per year; however, this average is skewed due to floods that occur about once every 7 years and major tropical storms or hurricanes that occur about once every 15 years. These weather and geographic conditions can cause a challenge for a hotel that is opening. For one, a very energy efficient and well maintained air conditioning and ventilation system must be in place and in good working condition for the entire year. Even though it does get cool during the winter months, there are times where the temperatures will reach into the 80 degree range. Without it, guests will not be able to stay at the hotel, as indoor temperatures could potentially reach 110 degrees during the warmest months. Paint will also need to be redone regularly because of the amount of heat and sunlight in the summer. In humid conditions, the hotel must be aware of mold concerns, and prevent it from developing into a significant problem. However, the heating system will not be as important, since there is no history of extreme cold for the city. Some money can be saved there on initial building costs. For tropical storms, floods and hurricanes, it is best for a hotel to build a floodgate system for the basement, and also build the hotel with shatterproof windows. Also, quality insulation should be used, such as DuPont Tyvek Homewrap, except for industrial use.
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Homework 1 - Jonathan Tamayo Student ID: 438466 Homework...

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