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April 7, 2008 Paternalism (policy of assuming most people don’t know what’s good for them, so government has to choose for them whether they want it or not) 8.9- common people can’t be made to understand the way, they can be made to follow 10 p.134 12.9 p. 165 12.7 p 164 12.18 p 167 – story of dictator who is troubled by burglars. . Confucius said if you were free from desire, they wouldn’t steal. You created the atmosphere. -Crime is mainly caused by something in society not being focused properly. -John Stuart Mill against paternalism -Confucius only a small amount of people can be trusted to make their own decisions -a society where people don’t trust the rulers will fall apart. Trust is crucial. Self-development 8.8 p 134 9.4 p 138- take nothing for granted, never be over positive, be open to others’ views, never be obstinate, don’t be egotistic. -Part of self development is being aware of your own mistakes. -Paul Baltes- research on what affected wise/non-wise decisions. Listen to others.
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