Essay #1 - Elliot Anderson Examining Virtuous Extremists...

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Elliot Anderson Examining Virtuous Extremists Essay # 1: Question #3 We’ve all had that friend, the one who subtlety tears you down, or who is consistently negative, and after time whether you notice it or not, they begin to affect your attitude. Aristotle makes it clear that friends of utility and pleasure are lost causes, he states that friends of virtue are the ideal, but one thing he does not touch on is the fact that some friendships of virtue occur in the opposite direction, where one or both parties can pull each other towards Aristotelian extremes. These friendships are off guised as harmless relationships of utility, but are incredibly more destructive, so how then can you identify such a situation before it’s too late? Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics presents a number of definitive characteristics of relationships that make it easy for one to identify and dissolve relationships that do not promote these Aristotelian means of virtue, including relationships which appear to be beneficial to these ends, but are in actuality detrimental. I knew a guy, let’s call him Nick, because that is his name. He and I used to hit the weights at the same time everyday. One day, he asked if I wouldn’t mind if we trained together. I let him, because I’ve always wanted a training partner. He most likely wanted to experience a different style of workout. Instantly, he began claiming that the
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Essay #1 - Elliot Anderson Examining Virtuous Extremists...

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