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bob little government - to repair all the damage that was...

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Shayne Thompson Hurricane Katrina On Sunday afternoon me and one of my friends on the baseball team went to church and then went home to get something to eat and that’s where are discussion began. Our discussion was about hurricane Katrina. We both had some different views about this subject but we also agreed on some of the key points of the subject. My friend thinks that the government should have done more for the ones affected by the hurricane. He thinks that the health care should have done more for the less fortunate ones who lost their homes and everything they had. I told him that I thought that they pretty much did everything that they could. I told him that there were so many people affected by this that is was really hard to help everyone out and that if they did help everyone out that it would be extremely hard to put our country back up to were it is now. There were a whole lot of repairs to be made to the affected areas mainly New Orleans and I think that needs to be tended to immediately. Are government is trying as hard as they can
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Unformatted text preview: to repair all the damage that was done. My friend agrees with me on this he thinks that are government is working well together to get things back on track to how they use to be. We both agree that the government did a great job dealing with the people first and then dealing with the city. We both agree that a humans life is more important than any building could ever be worth. Katrina was a horrible incident that happened. There are many people that were affected and are still affected by this tragedy. I think that the HRSA did all that they could possible do to try and help people and try and evacuate the people in the affected areas. The government did all they could to help and so did all the authorities. Every that could have possible be done to try and make things better for the victims was done. The incident is now over so may agree and disagree on the way the government did things I think that they did all they could and no more could be done....
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bob little government - to repair all the damage that was...

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