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many river paper

many river paper - live on and keep Her father said that he...

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Shayne Thompson English 1302-2006 Feb 4, 2008 Many Rivers To Cross Many rivers to cross is a great story about a girl who loses a lot in her life and goes through many tough times. I think that this story was really a story to make u thankful for what u have in your life. It made me thankful for everything I have. The woman lost her mother to suicide and attempted to get an abortion close after that. She ended up nearly dying and put in the hospital for trying to have an illegal abortion which she nearly bled to death. She was very depressed and didn’t like her life a t all. Her father was no good to her. The girls mother left insurance money for her to
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Unformatted text preview: live on and keep. Her father said that he would not give her any of it. The girl went through a lot at once. Her husband goes off and goes to school and never comes back and he ends up filing for a divorce. He decides not to help with child support and leaves her a single mom with no money. Her mother commits suicide, leaves her money but her father will not give it to her. Then she tries three times to get an abortion. Only on the third time did it work but she ended up almost losing her life. I feel that many people should read this story. People will then realize what they have in their life and not take anything for granted....
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