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Concepts - Management Process_new - 1 HDF 312 Family...

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HDF 312 – Family Resource Management Concepts for the Management Process Management Process – Goldsmith 1. What is planning? What does it include? 2. Components of planning are goals and standards. What is the significance of goals and standards in planning? Explain procedure and performances standards. 3. What is sequencing? Overlapping? Dovetailing? 4. Goals in planning may emphasize a task or a learning experience. What are the differences? 5. What are the 4 attributes of plans? Explain each. 6. What is implementation? How do self-discipline and supervision contribute to implementation? 7. Explain the actuating and controlling components of implementation. Include actuating, checking, and adjusting. How can plans be adjusted? The Pitfalls of Planning 1. What is identified as the chief explanation why many plans never come close to meeting their objectives? 2. What is stated as the most common cause of plans going wrong? 3.
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