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CH 313 N Exam 1 Instruction Cover Sheet Dr. John A. Colapret Revision on:9/24/2007 You must have your valid UT ID card (or other government-issued ID) with you. You will need to have your ID card out at the beginning of the exam so the proctors can see it when they take attendance. You will also need to show it to the proctors when you turn in your exam. Chapter 4 of the University’s “General Information” catalog outlines this university’s policies regarding exams, as well as other quizzes administered during the semester. Specifically, students are expected to remain in the exam room until a test is completed. These policies will be strictly enforced, with no exceptions. You may not leave the room for any reason until you are ready to turn in your exam. If you wish to leave the room, you will need to turn in your exam to the proctors, and you will not be allowed to return. The exams will consist of a series of multiple choice questions. Your answers to these questions must be submitted on a Scantron “bubble” sheet, which will be provided. The scantron sheet has the periodic table printed on it. You must use a #2 pencil to mark your answers on the bubble sheet. The answer sheet will be provided for you, but you will need your own #2 pencil(s). Only answers marked on the bubble sheet can be graded. Answers to questions marked on the exam itself cannot not be graded. There will be one choice per question that is entirely correct, for which credit will be given. Turn in the exam with your answer sheet; watch the time, since we have only one hour to complete the exam and vacate the room. TABLE OF ELECTRONEGATIVE VALUES
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