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Centrality of Communication I. Centrality of Communication – communication is who you are. II. Importance of the First Exchange – the most important conversation because will determine future relationship. If you don’t do well in the first conversation nothing else matters. III. Why Do People Meet and Talk? A. Proximity – Physically near us. Location. If you want to meet someone get close to them. B. Appearance – We meet people because they look good/are attractive. If we think we look good then others are going to think we look good. Appearance really matters. C. Utility – We are able to use them in the future. Can help us get into a class or get a job. D. Loneliness – We aren’t attracted to someone by looks, we’re just lonely. Talking to someone helps loneliness. IV. Why Do We Say What We Do ? We, at first initial meetings, don’t reveal
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Unformatted text preview: personal information because its not comfortable. A. Managing an Impression – Maintaining a positive exterior. If something is embarrassing we won’t reveal it at first. B. Reduce Uncertainty – You don’t know each other well enough. That’s the goal of the first meetings, we try and make predictions about them. V. Levels of Predictions – when we first meet them we try to predict things about them from what they tell us. 1. Cultural – relatively ineffective because we will go with the one we are more familiar with. (like we would feel more comfortable in paris than turkey) 2. Sociological – predict people based on group memberships and social groups. 3. Interpersonal – We know them so well we know how they differ from other groups they belong to. (ex. Knowing what someone would like as a gift)...
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