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Throughout history there have not been many military generals and great tacticians as respected as Alexander the Great and Hannibal. Because of their abilities as generals, they both were able to recruit many different groups of people during their expeditions to fight in their armies. This contributed to their ability to move their armies vast distances and be successful in numerous battles. Hannibal made his unbelievable passage over the Alps while Alexander conquered the Persian Empire and continued expanding and up through India. The main difference between Alexander and Hannibal is that after their campaigns ended, Alexander’s work even though split up into three areas remained while Hannibal in a since has nothing to show and never succeeded in his primary goal. Throughout the empire he conquered, Alexander had many cities named after himself. Hannibal, on the other hand, did not achieve his goal of defeating Rome and the Carthigian people were destroyed by Rome very soon after his defeat. While both were fantastic generals neither can be considered a complete success. Tactically they were unstoppable but Hannibal and Alexander both eventually made errors that ended in their defeat. There is a reason Alexander the Great is considered “the great”. He is without a doubt one of the best military leaders in history, moving vast distances and laying waste to enemies with many more men and resources. He was a military genius and the combination of this and his leadership abilities, ambition, and training are the reasons for his success. The question of whether a true success is someone who died at thirty five is questionable. His desire for power helped him conquer much of what was then the civilized world, driven by his divine ambition of the world conquest and the creation of a universal monarch. He conquered Greece, Egypt, Asia Minor, and up to western India
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naming city upon city after himself creating an empire that will grant him glory for all of eternity. Unlike Hannibal who made crucial errors that led to his defeat, Alexander’s army became tired off fighting because he had reached the maximum amount of expansion. His work expanded the Hellenistic Culture which constitutes the foundation for what is now Western Civilization. Hannibal throughout the world is known as the “Father of Strategy” and few military masterminds to this day have surpassed his accomplishments. Unlike Alexander who’s goal was in a sense to expand and conquer the world, Hannibal had a specific focus in his campaign: to defeat Rome. Hannibal marched an enormous army from Iberia over the Pyrenees and the Alps to reach Rome, successfully recruiting many types of people from all over. He successfully invaded Italy and remained in power there for 15 years against an aggressive and hostile country with powerful armies and with very little support from Catharge. Unfortunately, Hannibal did make a crucial error by not attacking Rome sooner, allowing for them to rebuild and eventually defeat Catharge. His
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alexthegreat - Throughout history there have not been many...

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