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1-24 - Drop what’s unimportant “Chunk” what is...

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Communication Model I. Definition “Interpersonal Communication is the process whereby one stimulates meaning in the mind of another through verbal and/or nonverbal means.” Stimulation - People used to think that if you say something then you’ll automatically interpret it that way. Meanings can be interpreted differently. Process – communication is ongoing. II. Model of Communication - Ensuring Message Quality - A. Organize Message - -- Know your purpose -
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Unformatted text preview: -- Drop what’s unimportant - -- “Chunk” what is important - B. Use Redundancy- -- Offer 2 examples for any concept - -- Beware of seductive details - -- Follow “tell-show-do-respond” - • Focus on Schemas- A schema is a category system for storing information - D. Ask Questions- -- Open-ended - -- Advice vs. question - -- Empowering questions - -- Avoid taking position too soon - -- “Shut-up!” Let them talk -...
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