4-25 Jealousy - Jealousy I Social Comparison Jealousy(Envy...

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Unformatted text preview: Jealousy I. Social Comparison Jealousy (Envy) A. Definition – Want something that someone has and you want it. B. Why?- 1. Negative – it says something negative about you. 2. Relevant – it has to be relevant to you. 3. Similar – if they are similar it matters more. C. Consequences 1. Degrade the other – we will degrade the other person so we can cope with the envy. 2. Happy when they fail – We are generally happy when they fail. 3. Negative self-image – I’ll never have “____” get desperate. 4. Depression & Anxiety- 5. Motivation – envy can be motivational because if someone is dumb and getting better grades than you then it’ll inspire you to do better. II. Social Relations Jealousy A. Definition – Perceive there is a threat to relationship. You can be jealous of not just people but things. B. Causes- 1. Loneliness – feel lonely because other person spends time with someone else and not you. 2. Uniqueness – “No one can have the love we have” 3. Monogamy – cultural norm. some people don’t like having more than one partner. “2” thing. 4. Esteem – when you are in a relationship you feel good because of the relationship. 5. Rules – rules set up in the relationship. We feel jealous when the rules are violated. Sometimes the rules aren’t clear or directed....
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4-25 Jealousy - Jealousy I Social Comparison Jealousy(Envy...

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