Charisma - Charisma, not a physical feature but a...

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Charisma, not a physical feature but a characteristic that we perceive from people that we admire, is an important trait to possess. Charisma is indefinable; each person can have their interpretation of what charisma is. To some charisma is the ability to convince others, or the ability to make everybody like you. Some might say it’s the vibe someone gives off or being filled with confidence that demands attention when you enter a room. Because charisma is so complex, it can be said charisma is somewhat personal. Those who an individual believes that holds charisma therefore is special to them. (Different people have different interpretations of the actual connotation of charisma because of the fact that charisma has hard to define characteristics.) For example, we all have a favorite TV personality. It could be Katie Couric for her irresistible wit, or Mariska Hargitay for her continuing battle for justice in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Each TV personality has something admirable, something that appeals to viewers, you could say that Ms. Hargitay and Ms. Couric both have charisma. Even the strangest TV personalities can be found charismatic to someone. For example, my favorite TV personality is Cartman from South Park . He’s rude, obnoxious (but composed), apathetic, and is inconsiderate of other people yet for some reason, he greatly appeals to me. It might be the way he uses humor (crude humor) or his confidence, but it always grabs my attention. Charisma has many dimensions ranging from competence to sociability, trust, attraction and even power. It gives off a vibe that we constantly want to be around,
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Charisma - Charisma, not a physical feature but a...

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