ch 7 - advertising research The systematic gathering and...

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advertising research The systematic gathering and analysis of information specifically to facilitate the development or evaluation of advertising strategies, ads and commercials, and media campaigns advertising strategy research Used to help define the product concept or to assist in the selection of target markets, advertising messages, or media vehicles attitude test A type of posttest that usually seeks to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign in creating a favorable image for a company, its brand, or its products clutter tests Method of pretesting in which commercials are grouped with noncompetitive control commercials and shown to prospective customers to measure their effectiveness in gaining attention, increasing brand awareness and comprehension, and causing attitude shifts direct questioning A method of pretesting designed to elicit a full range of responses to the advertising. It is especially effective for testing alternative advertisements in the early stages of development experimental method A method of scientific investigation in which a researcher alters the stimulus received by a test group or groups and compares the results with those of a control group that did not receive the altered stimulus focus group A qualitative method of research in which four or more people, typical of the target market, are invited to a group session to discuss the product, the service, or the marketing situation for an hour or more formal research Collecting primary data directly from the marketplace using qualitative or quantitative methods halo effect (ad pretesting) fact that consumers likely to rate 1-2 ads that make best 1 st impression as ↑es t in all categories in-depth interview An intensive interview technique that uses carefully planned but loosely structured questions to probe respondents' deeper feelings informal research The second step in the research process, designed to explore a problem by reviewing secondary data and interviewing a few key people with the most information to share. Also called exploratory research inquiry test A form of test in which consumer responses to an ad for information or free samples are tabulated intensive techniques Qualitative research aimed at probing the deepest feelings, attitudes, and beliefs of respondents through direct questioning. Typical methods include in-depth interviews and focus groups marketing info system (MIS) Set of procedures for generating orderly flow of pertinent info used to make mkt decisions
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ch 7 - advertising research The systematic gathering and...

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