Ch 8 - advertising message An element of the creative mix...

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advertising message An element of the creative mix comprising what the company plans to say in its advertisements and how it plans to say it—verbally or nonverbally. advertising plan The plan that directs the company's advertising effort. A natural outgrowth of the marketing plan, it analyzes the situation, sets advertising objectives, and lays out a specific strategy from which ads and campaigns are created. advertising strategy The methodology advertisers use to achieve their advertising objectives. The strategy is determined by the particular creative mix of advertising elements the advertiser selects, namely: target audience; product concept; communications media; and advertising message. Also called the creative mix. bottom-up marketing The opposite of standard, topdown marketing planning, bottom-up marketing focuses on one specific tactic and develops it into an overall strategy. communications media An element of the creative mix, comprising the various methods or vehicles that will be used to transmit the advertiser's message. corporate objectives Goals of the company stated in terms of profit or return on investment. Objectives may also be stated in terms of net worth, earnings ratios, growth, or corporate reputation. creative mix Those advertising elements the company controls to achieve its advertising objectives, including the target audience, the product concept, the communications media, and the advertising message. See also advertising strategy. empirical research method A method of allocating funds for advertising that uses experimentation to determine the best level of advertising expenditure. By running a series of tests in different markets with different budgets, companies determine the most efficient level of expenditure. endcap
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Ch 8 - advertising message An element of the creative mix...

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