ch 17 - ad networks Internet equivlnt of media rep firm AN...

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ad networks Internet equivlnt of media rep firm, AN act as brokers for advertsrs & sites. AN pool hundreds to thousands of affiliate marketing program Contractual advtg program, often use in e-commerce, where seller pays a mfactrer, mkter or other business a %age of sale price of item sold. This pymt’s compensation for services or cooperation in making sale. IE, site devoted to music reviews may have banner link to online music retailer. When consumers use link to buy music, the music seller pays owner of music review site %age of sale as consideration for banner link banner Part of Web site reserved for advrtising msg. Clicking banner normally redirects user to advertiser's site broadband Type of digital data transmission that enables a single wire to carry multiple signals simultaneously broadside A form of direct-mail advertisement, larger than a folder and sometimes used as a window display or wall poster in stores. It can be folded to a compact size and fitted into a mailer. brochures Sales materials printed on heavier paper and featuring color photos, illustrations, typography ( folders) business reply mail Mail that enables the recipient of direct-mail advertising to respond without paying postage button In Internet advtsng, buttons are small versions of banner & sometimes look like an icon, and they usually provide a link to an advertiser's home page. Because buttons take up less space than banners, they also cost less. cable modem A system of connecting with Internet that offers high-speed data transfer direct to the computer catalogs Reference books mailed to prospective customers that list, describe, and often picture the products sold by a manufacturer, wholesaler, jobber, or retailer. classified ad Web site Web sites that specialize in providing classified advertisements, often provided for free. Many classified ad Web sites are supported by ad banners of other advertisers. click rate
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ch 17 - ad networks Internet equivlnt of media rep firm AN...

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