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CHAPTER 11: PROCESS SELECTION AND FACILITY LAYOUT 1. Flexible manufacturing systems can handle a large variety of dissimilar products. False 2. Productivity technology is applied technological innovation. False 3. Product layouts usually require less-skilled workers than process layouts. True 4. Laser technology used in eye surgery is an example of technological advance in process. False 5. Cycle time is the average amount of clock time required to produce one unit of output. True 6. Market demand needs to be matched to operations capability. True 7. One drawback of product layout is that equipment utilization rates < in a process layout. False 8. Assembly line may have workstations in parallel but will always have workstations in series True 9. A McDonald's kitchen is an example of an assembly line: True 10. The system that has the highest equipment flexibility is: a job shop 11. An operations strategy for process selection should recognize: flexibility may not the best choice **12. Product profiling is linked to … Process capabilities. 13. Which is not generally regarded as advantage of product layouts? * The system is fairly flexible to changes in volume of output. [ADV: Material handling costs/unit are low ; Labor costs are low per unit ; unit costs may be lower than with other processes ; There is high utilization of labor and equipment] 14. In product layout, the process of deciding how to assign tasks to work stations is: line balancing 15. An automated car wash has three stations; wash which takes 0.6 minutes, rinse at 1.1 minutes and dry at 0.7 minutes. The maximum cycle time in minutes is:
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