cellchart - Structure Function Picture Nucleus contains...

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Unformatted text preview: Structure Function Picture Nucleus contains nuclear envelope, nuclear lamina, nucleolus, chromatin. Largest organelle in a cell. -Nuclear envelope : 2 membranes that circle the nucleus, each consisting of a lipid bilayer.-nuclear lamina : filaments inside the envelope. -DNA storage and replication-site of DNA control of cellular activities-nuclear lamina : interacts with chromatin and helps support the envelope to which its attached.-nucleolus : begins assembly of ribosomes - Nucleolus region inside the nucleus. Begins assembly of ribosomes from certain proteins and RNA. See nucleus - Chromatin surrounded by nucleoplasm, complex of DNA and proteins. Long, thin, and entangled. Condenses into chromosomes. Forms chromosomes just before cell division. See nucleus - Rough ER protein synthesis, named based on ribosome-studded appearance. isolates newly made proteins away from the cytoplasm and transports them to other places. Proteins are chemically modified to alter their function and destination. - Smooth ER chemically modifies proteins and other molecules. Lacks ribosomes. Modifies drugs and pesticides. Hydrolysis of glycogen in animal cells creation of lipids and steroids - Ribosomes prokaryotic: float in cytoplasm. Eukaryotic: cytoplasm and rough ER. Produce proteins. Consists of rRNA. Uses mRNA to direct synthesis of proteins. After transcription in the nucleus, they enter cytosol where they translate into proteins....
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cellchart - Structure Function Picture Nucleus contains...

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