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DSOC 101 9.25 - physical characteristics As such race is...

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DSoc 101 9.25.07 Missing 9/20 and first 10 minutes of these notes Definitions: Social stratification: how society distributes its rewards Social class: groups that share common positions in the stratification roder based upon ownership and control relationships (eg. Owners of capital, laborers, marketable skills, market power) Ideology serves to justify stratification eg; ruling ideology Race can be defined erroneously by biological traits (DNA, personal appearance, skull size, and the like) There is one human genome Race must be defined socially – it is a social category, and therefore belongs to society Change in racial status is the result of social change Race is a set of hierarchical categories assigned to individuals on the basis of
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Unformatted text preview: physical characteristics. As such race is insidiously confusing because it appears to reside within the individual, when it actually resides in society DuBois’ “double-consciousness” • African Americans have two selves !) how whites view them versus 2) how they view themselves more generally (referenced in essay on black suburbs by Karyn Lacy) • Dubois concept is related to George Herbert Mead’s theory of the generalized other: that the fully developed self is defined in relation to a community of people, and this is composed not just of individuals, but of individual types • Mead’s concept is based on evidence about how children acquire language, and how adults mature intellectually •...
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