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Homework Assignment 2 - INVS 1523 Homework Assignment #2:...

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INVS 1523 Homework Assignment #2: Meet the Candidates 1. Differences in issues a. Health Care: Both Jared Polis and Joan Fitz-Gerald emphasized for a universal single-payer healthcare system. Will Shafroth stated a need to expand to Medicare, Medicaid, and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. b. Iraq: Considering they are all Democrats, each candidate desired to leave Iraq and disagreed with the initial war on Iraq. The candidates are slightly different on their believes to leave Iraq. Fitz-Gerald calls for a swift and immediate withdrawal from Iraq while Polis calls for controlled withdrawal of US forces. Shafroth support an expedited timetable for withdrawing our military forces from Iraq. c. Funding for campaigns: At the beginning of the debates, Polis loudly announces that he does not receive any funding from special interest groups. Fitz-Gerald and Shafroth, I presume, have received funding from private organizations since they did not declare a similar proclamation as Polis. d. Economy: Fitz-Gerald calls for a repeal of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest one percent of this country, which suggests that she probably won’t agree with Bush on his plan to avoid a recession. I did not quite understand Shafroth’s platform on how to counter the recession. Polis supports tax relief for middle-class families and extending the lower- income tax rates. I am unclear of each candidate’s specific stance on Bush’s plan, but predict that they probably don’t agree with it since they
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Homework Assignment 2 - INVS 1523 Homework Assignment #2:...

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