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Disabilities Paragra - *Disabilities Paragraphs: Forest...

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Unformatted text preview: *Disabilities Paragraphs: Forest Gump* 1. Were the people with disabilities portrayed in a positive or negative light? In what ways? In Forest Gump, the characters disabilities were portrayed in a negative light. Forest, was teased and harassed for having metal braces around his legs. Supposedly Elvis Presley copied his leg gyrations and used it in a positive light for his music career. But certainly didnt bring Forest any fame or fortune. At best, being harassed for his disability allowed him to obtain incredible running ability when he ran away from the bullies chasing him. Besides the physical limitations of Forests early years, he is more famous for his lack of IQ or smarts. This overall disability although presented in a comical way, was more negative then positive. His mother had to sleep with the school director in order to get him admitted. He was displayed as someone lacking common sense and being gullible. He showed his butt tucks wound Lyndon B. Johnson, then president of the United States. Hebutt tucks wound Lyndon B....
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Disabilities Paragra - *Disabilities Paragraphs: Forest...

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