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Archaeology Translations

Archaeology Translations - Archaeology Translations#98...

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Unformatted text preview: Archaeology Translations #98 Topaz Shouxing showcase Aohanqi unearthed in Inner Mongolia Aohanqi by the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Tibetan cultural relics Topaz quality, locally etching motley Not even the ring of it. The first animal to erect ears, a triangle, hidden from both sides of the dual-decorated circle-shaped head, If Yankuang fan by the outer ring. End-mouth, nose and there Linxian of wrinkles. Beast who was oval-shaped cross-section, near the back of the neck through a two hole ^R ^R L W`W B 9 ,^ R L ^ R L . ^ R L ,9 . 9 , ^ R L , , ` . ` W`W B , ` #11 Liangzhu culture Jingyushoumianwen Cong Jiangsu Wujin county Temple Pier Tombs Unearthed Jiangsu Province, Nanjing Museum possession For the permeability of the jade stone, the etching after a milky white. At both ends of a circular mouth, a centre from the right to not vertical penetration of the drilling hole. For the two points, to 1.40 per session for the middle-collar, Central to the vertical plane of each groove as a dividing line, featuring four groups of the same Linxianshoumianwen 9 ^ R L ` ` ^ R L , ^ R L ^ R L , ~ `W W B ^ R , `W W B . R L , ` , h . ` ...
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