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Hayes, Hunter SOCI3330 Essay Exam 2 Essay 2 People have a different view of themselves as other people tend to see them on the outside. The way we describe ourselves usually boasts our assets and achievements, this is extremely prevalent in newspaper personal ads. Many people aren’t confident enough to be truthful when having to describe themselves through a maximum of so many words to fit in a 3x1 inch space in a newspaper. Also, most people who resort to newspaper classifieds probably aren’t confident in themselves at all anyway. If you were to pick up a newspaper and flip to the personals, some descriptions you might see would be of people bragging about their ‘great personality’, which usually means that they’re ugly than sin. Others would boast of being successful, determined, financially secure, intelligent, etc. Who we are and how we are displayed to people is due mostly to our class positions in society. We view ourselves as a by product of what we would like to attain. To be the wealthy, upper-class country club member, we desire the polo shirt, goofy
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pants, and thirst for fine wine that exemplifies the wealthy country club member. We also try to associate with people we see ourselves like. An example of this would be a young, wealthy, Caucasian female who associates with a predominately young, less wealthy, female African American group, mostly because that is how she defines herself. They may share the same interests in clothes, music, and other things that may be the reason of outcast by her Caucasian peers. Some would consider this a step downward in class position. The latter example would be a middle class person breaking through the stigma of society and trying
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soci3330exam2 - Hayes Hunter SOCI3330 Essay Exam 2 Essay 2...

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