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Qualitative Study Sociology 4870 December 3, 2007 Professor Yoder
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Imagine yourself walking across campus to make it to your class. Attending to your own business, you make your way toward your destination, perhaps a classroom in Terril Hall, or a quick walk to the Student Union, or the daring hike to the Environmental Science building on the other side of campus. Your steps are rhythmical, keeping beat like a natural metronome as you trek through campus. Occasionally, you take in the sights around you; a squirrel climbing down a tree, other college students smiling and laughing about the party they saw each other at the weekend before, and some poor freshman scurrying to class while fumbling with notes trying to cram for a quiz they obviously forgot about. Everything seems normal, natural like it should be, until you hear someone exclaim, “It’s not cheating if you did it to me first!” followed by “Well you did with one of my friends, it’s only fair that I do it with one of yours!” Shocked, annoyed, or curious, you can’t believe what you’re seeing or hearing. This person is obviously having a very private phone conversation in a very public place. This isn’t something you see everyday. You make your way past the individual with only a couple feet between the two of you, but this does not faze them, and they are still going on with their argument over the phone. What do you do next? Methodology For our research we chose an ethnomethodological approach by studying the reaction of people to seeing and observing an individual carrying out a private “argument” over the phone in a public place. We took turns alternating between participant and observer, so when one of us was pretending to have an argument on the phone, the other would observe people’s reactions to it. The one-sided,
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4870paper - Qualitative Study Sociology 4870 Sandra Colic &...

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