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HowToPaper - Note the difference between a paper and speech...

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I. Intros (10-15% in a normal paper, 20% in an academic paper) a. Gain reader’s’ attention i. Story ii. (Extended) question iii. Question (rhetorical/research) iv. Case study (short story/anecdote) v. Startling statistic/reference research 1. *Any of these greater than 4 lines of text long a. Double hanging indent b. If seems appropriate try italics b. Generally renew topic c. *Background i. Assignment – brief synopsis 1. What are the objective(s) of the assignment? ii. *Who is doing the research in this field? 1. *What did they find out? Contributions? d. Methodology – What do you hope to achieve? i. *Survey instrument (e.g. we use the 7 elements, reader 95-96) ii. Theory e. Preview/”roadmap” of your body i.
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Unformatted text preview: Note the difference between a paper and speech 1. Note your points explicitly in a speech a. First this, then that, finally this. 2. Think carefully during literary writing a. Still try to give logical reasoning of order II. Conclusions (5% in a normal paper, 10% in academic papers) a. Signal i. Sense of completion/wrap up ii. Summarize key elements 1. Interpret your findings a. What you discovered in your paper b. What should/do you want your reader to recall? iii. You get to weigh in 1. What we need to change 2. Lets hear your opinion iv. Complete your essay how you began 1. Started with a story, end with a story. Etc. v. Memorable outro...
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