MidtermStudyGuide - 6 Hegemony of commodity Why can’t...

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Systems of representation Conceptual Mapping Three theories of representation 1. Reflective 2. Intentional 3. Constructionist Definition of Semiotics 1. Sign 2. Signified 3. Signified Definition of Myths (Barthes) Definition of Ideology Semiotic analysis of the SUV 1. How is the author applying the analysis? 2. What cultural myth is the author unpacking? (Be able to explain in detail) Publicity 1. Desire 2. Lack 3. Image 4. Envy 5. Spectator-Buyer relationship 6. Nostalgia 7. The power to acquire Commodity Signs 1. Sign values – formed by a brand name and a meaningful image together (think logo) 2. Cultural cannibalism 3. Image Bank – a marketplace of images for the construction of commodity signs 4. Sign and Identify 5. Counterbricolage
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Hegemony of commodity Why can’t Johnny dissent? Hunger as Ideology The ideological relationship between gender, sex, and food Foucault and the production of knowledge 1. Discourse a. Power and knowledge b. Discursive formation 2. Historicity 3. Institutional apparatus and its technologies 4. Regime of truth 5. Power as circulating 6. Micro-politics of the body 7. The question of the subject-produced within discourse Guerilla Girls History of the Guerilla Girls and their relationship to art Give and know an example of how they culture jam Reverend Billy How does he culture jam? What is his main goal and purpose? Who does he target and why?...
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MidtermStudyGuide - 6 Hegemony of commodity Why can’t...

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