Football Philosophy

Football Philosophy - Defense-Like the offence wins you...

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Scott Keane Mr. Buchanan September 10, 2007 Football Philosophy Overall- I think football is a game of life. Everyone growing up has played football. Football helps build character and a competitive mentality. Football demands a tough attitude with the physicality of the sport. Practicing hard with prepare you to keep playing hard when the other team is tired. Preparing yourself will keep you away from injuries and help the team become a winning football team. I’ve always heard Football is won in the 4 th quarter. Offence- Offence will win you 90% of your games, so it needs to be sharp. Also, main thing is to outscore your opponent. To have an effective offensive game, you must control the ball; have good mix of run and pass; and win time of possession. Eliminate mistakes and hold on to the football and you should like the outcome of the game.
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Unformatted text preview: Defense-Like the offence wins you games, defenses will win you championships. I’ve always been coached those few words. Defenses needs to keep them out of the end zone and help your offence stay on the field longer. A defensive scheme should not be too hard, so that the players don’t have to think so much that they are unable to react. Create turnovers! Special Teams-Scott Keane Mr. Buchanan September 10, 2007 Battle of field position is a major part to football. Your special teams should be fundamentally sound since they play such an important role to your team winning. Winning field of position battle will sway the game in your favor every time. Field position helps both your offensive to score and your defense to have room to breathe....
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Football Philosophy - Defense-Like the offence wins you...

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