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Seth Allison February 7, 2008 Weekly Analysis #3 Uncertainty Reduction Theory I grew up with a friend who didn’t know his dad. My friend’s name is Dan. Dan’s dad walked out on him and his mom when he was only two years old. In the eighth grade my friend set out into the world to find his dad who he had yet to ever meet. It took him around six months to hunt him down but after Dan found his dad he contacted him and told him that he needed to meet him somewhere. I could tell by the way Dan was telling me his story the meeting between Dan and his dad was very awkward. Both Dan and his dad were both very uncertain about how the other would react or even how they would react themselves. As Dan tells how he met his dad for the very first time Uncertainty Reduction Theory comes into play. Although Dan’s primary goal was to see his father, when he met him his primary concern was to reduce uncertainty about each other and his relationship with his father. I couldn’t even imagine how awkward it must have
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