Weekly Analysis#4

Weekly Analysis#4 - Seth Allison February 20, 2008 Weekly...

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Unformatted text preview: Seth Allison February 20, 2008 Weekly Analysis #4 Functional Perspective on Group Decision Making During my senior year in high school some of my best friends and I were hanging out one night and were getting really bored with my small town. There was pretty absolutely nothing to do when it came to personal entertainment. In Randy Hirokawa and Dennis Gourans Functional Perspective on Group Decision Making they explain that our hanging out was a group congregating and our discussion on our boring life was us analyzing our problem; which is the first step or function in the effective decision making process. We talked about many things like how school was monotonous and we all were ready for it to be over, how everything outside of school was uninteresting, and how the only stimulating thing we could do would either be illegal or immoral. We told each other that before the night was over we would have a solution to our boredom. This decision would be classified as the second function in would have a solution to our boredom....
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