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Seth Allison April 3, 2008 Weekly Analysis #7 Spiral of Silence Just recently I went to a movie with one of my best friends from Texas and some of his A&M roommates. Be Kind Rewind with Jack Black and Mos Def wasn’t particularly an Oscar nominee but as a whole I liked it a lot. My movie critique was not mutual with my friend and his crowd. They came out of the theatre ranting about how horrible the movie was. Just like the Noelle-Neumann Spiral of Silence theory states; I was using my sixth sense quasi-statistical organ and was tallying up information on what the majority was thinking and feeling. I knew that my thoughts on this movie were definitely in the minority and instead of voicing my opinion and arguing that it was a good movie, I zipped my trap and kept quiet. Like Noelle-Neumann states, I was afraid of being isolated from the group just because of my unparallel opinion. Now I see my not wanting to speak was from my perpetual fear of isolation that I automatically without thought sensed would happen. My fear of isolation was the engine that drove to my muteness.
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