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prelab3 - CS&E 200 Spring 2008 CS&E200 Pre-Lab3 Problem...

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CS&E 200 – Spring 2008 CS&E200 25 Points Pre-Lab3 – Problem Solving Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to utilize multiple worksheets in a workbook in order to solve problems as well as using charts to give a visual representation of your data. Estimated Time to Complete: Pre-Lab: 2-4 hours, closed lab session:1 hr. 48min – assignment to be distributed in class Pre-Lab – to be completed before coming to Lab 1. Read through Chapter 3 levels 1-3 on pages 630-676 of the text. 2. Complete Excel Chapter 1 exercise on pages 294-361 in the text. You will be creating a workbook named Walk and Rock Music 1st Quarter Sales.xlsx which you will submit with your lab. 3. COMPLETE La Rosa Demographic Analysis spreadsheet problem from Chapter 2, Level 2 pages 623-624 . You should obtain the LaRosa.xlsx file from Carmen and save it to your Z drive. 4. COMPLETE MyBudget spreadsheet problem You are now ready to expand your problem solving and spreadsheet expertise by creating your own spreadsheets, and using multiple worksheets in a workbook. The answers will not be provided to you. You will be using Excel to keep track of your budget vs. your actual expenses by quarter. Name this file MyBudget.xlsx . Below is the data for each quarter’s budget amounts and expenses. Follow the directions given. Fall Quarter Budget and Expenses Using the steps below, design a worksheet for fall quarter and name it fall . This will later be copied and used as a format for the other school quarters. Change the sheet name - double click on the “sheet1” tab at the bottom of your worksheet. The tab will be highlighted when you do this. Simply type the new sheet name fall and press Enter. Type column headings for your items, Budgeted $, Actual $, and Difference . These columns represent per quarter quantities. Set up rows for Tuition, Rent/Utilities, Books, Food, Transportation and Other . Input your budget data for the fall quarter based on the following information. Assume each quarter is a total of 13 weeks or 3 months in duration. The quantities below are based on various time frames (weeks, months, quarters). You will need to take these time frames into account when inputting your quarterly data. The total tuition budget for all three-quarters combined is $12,000. $350 per month toward rent/utilities $600 per quarter for books $200 per month toward food $9 per week toward transportation Office 2007 Lab 3 1
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CS&E 200 – Spring 2008 $45 per week in spending money (other). Input your actual expenses for fall quarter . For each category input your actual expenses. These should be your own estimated and unique for each student. If you don’t have existing data (say from prior academic years), input reasonable values based on your own lifestyle and needs.
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