prelab10 - CSE 200 – Spring 2008 CSE200 5 Points Pre-Lab...

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CSE 200 – Spring 2008 CSE200 5 Points Pre-Lab Session 10: Web Page Design Purpose : The purpose of this lab is to give you an opportunity to create and publish a web page of your own, learning some of the basic web page components and what it means to “publish” your page. Note: There is no separate In-lab assignment this week. This lab is due no later than the end of your lab 10 class session, but may be started/completed prior to lab if you so choose. To obtain credit for this assignment, you will need to show the published web page to your consultant during your lab class and finalized Excel spreadsheet . The consultant will check off on the appropriate elements and record your grade. Once that is completed, you are free to leave. Please make sure to also pick up any previously graded labs/quizzes etc. Estimated Time to Complete: Lab: 1-2 hours. No additional follow-up assignment – attend to get this graded and receive back graded assignments. Assignment: Part I: Using the Data features of EXCEL and setting up a simple Macro. Copy the music.txt text file from the Carmen website and import this comma delimited file into an Excel worksheet. To do this click on “Get External Data” then “From Text” in the Data ribbon tab. Be sure that the ISBN numbers are imported as text since they can begin with leading zeros. Create a column adjacent to the existing data named ‘Category’. Write a formula in the column to extract the left 4 most digits of the ISBN number. These digits are organized by category and will help you in your analysis. Filter your data using the Custom Filter feature to list only those Categories between 0001 and 2500 inclusive. (Hint: use a single quote (‘) to surround your text when specifying text criteria) Copy your filtered list to a new worksheet in the workbook named ‘ISBN filter’. Go back to your original worksheet and remove the filter. Sort the worksheet data by category and then use the Data/Subtotal features to group the data by this category and list the average price per recording in that category. In the real world this importing and sorting might be required on a daily basis – and thus it would save time if you could write a macro to import the data from this same file (music.txt), and sort it by ISBN in ascending order. Using a new worksheet, write the macro and name it ‘ RecordImport ”. If you use the Record Macro feature to create your macro, you will need to run the macro on the same worksheet that you recorded the macro in . Therefore, before you run your macro to test it, you need to clear the worksheet you imported the data into (while recording the macro) and run the macro
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prelab10 - CSE 200 – Spring 2008 CSE200 5 Points Pre-Lab...

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